Sahal Virtual Accountant(SAVA)

Sahal Virtual Accountant (SAVA) is a newly introduced method that operates virtually to resolve troubles in accounting more easily and quickly. SAVA is introduced by Sahal Accounting Services (commonly known as which is a reputed accounting firm formed by industry's leading Chartered Accountants and IT professionals. We have more than 3 years of experience in UAE VAT as well as more than 10 years of experience in the field of accounting. We currently manage Bookkeeping and VAT filing for more than 200 clients in different industries all over UAE.

  1. What is SAVA?

    SAVA is an accountant who can act and operate virtually.
  2. Is SAVA a robot or any other technological instrument operating with the help of AI?

    No. Each SAVA's are expert accounting professionals (pure humans).
  3. Is there any facility to communicate or clear your doubts with SAVA?

    Of course. You can communicate and clear your doubts or concerns with SAVA at anytime during the working hours.
  4. When is SAVA's available?

    Everyday: 9.30am-8.30pm (including Friday)
  5. How SAVA’s operate? What are their functions?

    • • Pass entries in your software.
    • • Prepare cash flows and other financial statements.
    • • Generate Reports.
    • • Continuous accounting support to any kind of software that you are using.
  6. How is virtual method of accounting made possible by not visiting your premise?

    We will connect your system by Team viewer or Anydesk, Zoho assist etc. and will access your system. We will then pass entries by sitting in our office without visiting your premise.
  7. How can we trust SAVA? How secure it is?

    You can trust SAVA since it is a completely secured process. SAVA’s will not access any personal or confidential data stored in your system. We assure that all your privacy will be protected. Signing an agreement with us will ensure your safety to a larger extent.
  8. Is it possible to observe the activities of SAVA’s on your system ?

    Of course. You are able to view the process and you can also deny the access anytime, if needed.
  9. Will the entries or reports be accurate?

    Each SAVA’s are expert accounting professionals and they have more than 3-4 years of experience in UAE VAT and Accounting. So, we can assure you the accuracy in each transactions.
  10. My business is in Dalma island, Abudhabi ,which is far away from Dubai, can SAVA's do it's operations?

    Despite your location, we can assist you. Currently we are providing our services to Kingdom Saudi Arabia and Republic of India. (Eventhough face to face meetings are not possible, we conduct virtual meetings or tele-communications.)
  11. How much does SAVA charge for their services?

    Our service charges are starting from 349 aed per month and you can choose different plans according to your requirements.
  12. What are the services offered by SAVA?

    We offer the following services:
    • * Assigning an expert accountant for managing day to day accounting activities.
    • * Planning, preparing budgets and variance reports.
    • * Preparing and issuing Tax invoices and updating the same in an ERP system.
    • * Providing monthly financial reports and other reports required by client.
    • * Tax consultancy service.
    • * Reconciliation of vendor balances
    • * Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statement.
    • * Accounts migration to any software
    • * Clearing up the accounting backlogs.
    • * VAT Consulting
    • * Recording day to day entries in your software
  13. What are the advantages of SAVA?

    We are a licensed company to carry out all accounting and bookkeeping service through out UAE. We are also providing experienced accounting professionals for in-house accounting, if needed. There will not be any annual leave in between the contract period. You are supposed to pay our service charges only after getting the work done.

Advantages of SAVA

  • • Avoidance of substantial expenses for appointing an in-house accountant
  • • Eliminates the recruitment process of an accountant
  • • Saves time and money for training the accountant
  • • You can concentrate on your core business
  • • You can make use of those savings for the development of your business
  • • Provide direct services of experienced and well trained professional accountant, who have better knowledge in UAE VAT and accounting.
  • • All the works will be monitored by industry's leading Chartered Accountants.
  • • Prompt service without any delays and interruptions.
  • • Since there is no annual leave, we are available everyday in an year.
  • • No concerns regarding salary increments
  • • You will get professional and quality services at minimum cost.

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